Resources • Papers • Reports

Through our work in data collection, organizing social movements, and proposing and advocating for policy action, we also generate reports, tools, resources, and papers to help advance our work. Below, you can find resources that PPFS teams created to bolster our work of dismantling systems of oppression within the Colorado food system.

PPFS Data Report: This is a living report that is updated weekly with data on outbreaks within the agriculture and food manufacturing industries, as well as contains our broad understanding of the Colorado workers who are keeping us fed.


Policy Response Agenda May 22, 2020: This initial Policy Response Agenda lays out a Colorado COVID-Responsive Essential Food System Worker Policy Agenda which aims to address COVID-related risks and exacerbated vulnerabilities faced by essential workers laboring in all sectors of the food system within the state of Colorado.


Revised Policy Response Agenda August 20, 2020:   This Revised This Revised Policy Response Agenda sets forth recommendations to (A) protect workers in the workplace and (B) protect workers and families outside the workplace.


PPFS Meatpacking Data Request:  We know that meat packing workers face higher risks of contraction and spreading of COVID­19, however there is limited knowledge and public data available. This request outlines the type of data that would be helpful in advocating for the safety and health of these workers during the pandemic and beyond.


Project Protect Regions of Colorado Farm Workers: In planning the Project Protect Promotora Network, which activates culturally literate community health workers across the state, we found that data on farm workers was lacking, with highly variable numbers. This presentation uses robust and diverse data to bring clarity to who Colorado agricultural workers are, where they work, and when.